Informatie leertjes reisport

For safe and proper usage, in the interest of avoiding accidents and for maximum performance – you must read instructions carfully.


Horizontal bar


This is the correct size for your Reisport-Handgrips





The handgrips for horizontal bar must be worn only to the second knuckle, the handgrips for the rings and uneven bar worn only to the first nuckle.

Rings and uneven bar


The handgrips are in no case to be worn like in the picture. There is great danger of accidental injury.



If the holes are too small, you can abrade it with emery paper.  Do not use knives or scissors.



Don't cut the dowel of the handgrip!  The leather can expand and this increases the risk of an accident!


For best results, the Reisport handgrips should be pre-formed for use with standing gymnastics equipment.  Ensure dowel is placed correctly (see picture).  Don't use water, the leather will be hard and can tear!


Always check your handgrips before use

Always check your handgrips before use

Caution: Only the Reisport grips specifically designed for the particular apparatus should be worn on that apparatus. Eg. Do not use Ladies Uneven Bar grips on men's high bar or rings.

WARNING: Because of the nature of the sport, the possibility of injury is inherent in gymnastics.  This equipment is intended for use only by properly trained and qualified participants under supervised conditions.  When you use our products, know your limitations and the limitations of your equipment.  Keep your equipment in good condition by inspecting for loose fittings or damage and test for stability before each use.

Reisport and Swiss Gymnastics will not be held responsible for any accidents resulting from improper usage of equipment.